Norway attacks: Fear christian religious right member killer is part of wider terror group. Account: what happened.

Breivik acted alone, police said this morning, after some witness accounts said a second gunman had taken part in a mass shooting. The internet document, posted online just hours before the attack, shows his rampage had been planned for at least two year.

his manifesto says ” he was part of a small group that intended to “seize political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda”.

The explosion caused carnage at the heart of the Norwegian government. Seven people died in the blast and many dozens more were wounded, several of them suffering life-threatening injuries that required emergency treatment at hospitals in the city.

At the scene of the blast on Saturday, the carnage was evident. Windows were blown out in buildings as far as five blocks away while in the immediate vicinity of Grubbegata Street, which runs alongside the Ministry of petroleum and Energy and the Prime Minister’s office, there was utter devastation.

Police sources suggested the bomb was left in a brown delivery van parked on Grubbegata Street, just a few yards from the energy ministry. The van acted as shrapnel sending pieces of metal flying through the air, causing terror on a catastrophic scale.

Breivik is thought to have parked the van outside the oil ministry and walked away. The bomb was likely detonated by a timer device rather than by a more sophisticated remote signal.

as much as three tons went into making the bomb.

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