On abortion. NO to forced pregnancy. We all are pro life. We all are anti war.

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59 minutes ago

In case of forcible rape, it should be perhaps mandatory /woman can override/ that womans body gets cleaned, cleansed of criminals dna genetic information, so that she can have children later on .. You know, women are not slaves of males, violent or religious males, or of males stupidity. …. Would we ever want to continue criminal line of dna?

NO to forced pregnancy!
There is short period of time, when two cells connected by foolish mishap or error, can be disconnected, only to be reconnected later on.

The Mother Woman can make this decision, since she as Life Giver is the Gods Emissary. ..

For agnostics such as myself, woman can decide about her pregnancy.

now even though people evolved from animal kingdom, they are no more just one of them.
Humans acquired special traits distinguishing them from the rest of living creatures on earth. They know what is right and wrong, they have morals, conscience. ……

well so this physical act of two cells connecting to procreate, ought to, and must be, accompanied by a conscientious, free and responsible decision of both parent attesting their will to procreate. … merely physical act is not enough for humans …

so i said, “Life begins when mother wants it to begin.”


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