HAARP. Total Destruction Weapons. Focused High Energy Electromagnetic Beams. Heating Ionoshpere, Controlling Weather. Disrupting Matter, Electronic Devices.


Terribly powerful and Total Destruction Weapons at our disposal. EMP.

Eastlund’s discovery – Cooking the atmosphere.
beaming High Frequency (HF) and Extremely High Frequency (EHF) waves, of extremely high power (over a billion watts), directly at a point on the ionosphere.

the ionosphere becomes heated from the accumulating electrical energy, causing atmospheric bulge.

Eastlund discovered that this bulge was highly reflective to radio waves, and, because of its altitude, it could bounce high frequency radio signals to points well beyond the horizon

Behind he horizon radar views
Beaming energy across the globe
Weather Control

Eastlund’s patents were sealed under a US Secrecy Order.
The military realized that his first patent outlined the recipe for an over-the-horizon radar apparatus, capable of detecting Soviet launched ICBM’s within seconds of their launch.

heated ionosphere acted like a powerful battery, storing, amplifying and discharging destructive beams of energy that could devastate a distant target on demand, in seconds

Research shows ELF Electromagnetic Low Frequency radiation was extremely harmful to human health.

“the entire issue of human interaction with electromagnetic (RF radio frequency & microwave) radiation is… a major national population health concern.”

Dr. Kanavy noted the “large amount of data, both animal experimental and human clinical, to support the existence of chronic, non-thermal effects.”

These effects include behavioral aberrations, neural network perturbations, fetal (embryonic) tissue damage (inducing birth defects), cataractogenesis (cataracts), altered blood chemistry, metabolic changes and suppression of the endocrine and immune systems.

There were also cases of sudden and unexplained mutations in frogs and wildlife in the radiation paths of ELF installations

there have been eleven other patents derived from Eastlund’s original work.

These patents describe the reflective alterations of the ionosphere for such uses as “nuclear scale explosions without radiation,” “power-beaming systems,” “over-the-horizon radar systems,” and “nuclear missile detection and destruction systems.”

It is possible not only to interfere with third party communications but to take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network even though the rest of the world’s communications are disrupted.

large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction.”

approved to develop a tomographic scanning apparatus back in 1996. This ability to penetrate deep within the Earth, to scan for caves, munitions storage and potential enemy shelters

the same wavelengths used in this tomographic scanning are powerful ELF radiation. And once located, strategic targets can be destroyed by changing the frequency and power of the directional beam.

The Navy is also developing high-altitude manned and unmanned vehicles at secret locations, such as those in Nevada. One such project is called “Aurora,” suggesting a link to this new technology. It is our belief that this electromagnetic beam system is currently on-line

The potential for building a HAARP type of installation is well within the technology and budget of even the poorest country.

It involves no nuclear fuel and can be constructed covertly. Computing power is now virtually unlimited.

The country that has such a capability on-line first, and is able to detect and destroy other such devices, could maintain the balance of power and control of the globe.

HAARP technology is presently under suspicion by a number of scientists around the world.
The ionosphere has been described as a delicate “bubble” of charged particles that, much like the ozone layer, serves as a thin skin, protecting us against high energy particles that regularly stream towards Earth from the Sun.

Even a temporary “hole” or rip in this ion field could result in the collision of these particles with our genetic and biologic molecules, causing mutations or death.

Some scientists even worry that the ionosphere could collapse from electrical imbalance.

The magnetic field, or magnetosphere, is important for the existence of life, as we know it. It effectively diverts the solar wind as it throws charged, high energy particles towards the Earth

new concept for prevention of tornado formation in mesocylones based on heating cold downdrafts within the storm with microwave radiation from a satellite based source

In the future, Dr. Eastlund’s technologies will change our planet.

Electrical energy will be available everywhere, without the need for transmission lines.

Disasters from severe thunderstorms and tornadoes will be minimized, climates will be made milder, and food production will be enhanced by illuminated skies and ample rainfall.

Global communication will be inexpensive. Critical ozone will be replenished.

And, most importantly, nuclear weapons will have been made obsolete by the abilities to detect and destroy enemy installations.

Humane peace applications are still in the future. Eastlund’s patents remain under the control of the military industrial complex.

We are more likely to see an instantaneous “death ray,” or mass “mind control” mechanisms, before Eastlund’s discoveries make the planet a better place to live.



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