S&P Downgrade: Ex-Obama Adviser Christina Romer Says U.S. ‘Pretty Darn F**ked’

“I’ve been hanging around [Treasury Secretary] Tim Geithner too long,” Romer said, explaining her foul language. Geithner, she says, swears “like a seventh grade boy.”

Raising debt roof IS NOT solving a problem of debt.

Its time to get rid of destructive conservative republigangs antiamerican economic treason policies – of investing in Asia, China, importing cheap products, exporting industries and so putting America out of work … in order for them to have higher profits more quickly ….

Long term solutions only

1. invest in America

2. single payer public private healthcare system, free education

3. invest in America, money for child births

4. salary economic justice – max difference, say, of 25 times difference btw lowest and highest pay in a company.

5. raise minimum wage by 25% immediately

6. cut crazy military budget of $1 trillion by 60% to start with

7. regulate cartel speculation oil gas overpricing

8. invest in solar, wind , see www.krunchd.com/solar , its incredible


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