UK antipoverty riots: London violence spreads to cities across England. Crisis of wild capitalism.

More than 470 people have been arrested after a fourth night of rioting spread from London to some of England’s biggest cities, including Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol and Leicester.

Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham bore the brunt of the rioting and looting overnight, with trouble also erupting in Liverpool, Salford, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Bristol and Gloucester.

Central Manchester and Salford saw serious looting and disorder as gangs waged running battles with police, ransacking dozens of shops.

In Manchester groups of young people repeatedly evaded police from the late afternoon onwards, breaking into upmarket shops and setting a branch of the Miss Selfridge clothing chain on fire

The violence ebbed in Manchester city centre around midnight and police regained control

There were small outbreaks of disorder reported by Thames Valley police in Reading, Oxford and Milton Keynes, while 200 missile-throwing youths gathered in the south Liverpool area of Toxteth,

More than 1,100 people have been arrested since the violence erupted in London on Saturday night — 768 of them in the capital alone.

The violence first erupted in Tottenham, north London, on Saturday night after a peaceful protest over the fatal police shooting of Mark Duggan, 29, the previous Thursday.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) confirmed that there was no evidence that Duggan fired at officers before he was shot in the chest.

also: map of riots…


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