What the Hell Were They Thinking? We Need New Polygraph Investigation, New York National 9/11 Truth Trials Commission.


The sheer vulnerability of 911 WTC controlled demolition and Pentagon attack, demolishing 3 towers in front of the eyes of the whole world to see, opens a whole set of possible explanations as to “what the hell were they thinking?” ….

1. they did not care and do not care. they have weapons and means now to perpetuate their control forever. ….

2. they thought it would not be discovered, being such a big lie ….

3. it just got out of control, out of hand, originally mild operation exploded into unintended dimensions ……

4. they just needed it, and lets deal with any fallout on the go ….

5. 911 controlled demolition really is just a first shot. probably ww iii conflict, eternal, if necessary. its a good money. …. world control. … who cares?

US elections are non binding, Russia doesnt want or cant oppose to restore the rule of law, everybody else is a joke ….

so, lets overcharge that gas by 100% .. its a good money, private taxes of herded sheep – the world population. …..

do we need people at all?? by now, robots are working for corporations. no need for medical care or education. better profits ….

so what with those pesky human beings, demanding jobs, and money from corporate darlings?? …

lets lead them to wars. to homelessness .. to poverty. good control.

lets keep in mind that Oklahoma 4/19/95 and London 7/7/05 are also inside operations, and somebody needed to set explosive hight tech military nanothermite in all 3 WTC towers.

What does that tell us?

That we need independent lie detector investigation of all highest officials of the time.

Questions to ask
1. Are you aware that 911 is controlled demolition? If so, when and how have you learned?
2. What was your reaction or what was the situation you learned under?

If you are not aware, read www.ae911truth.org, >back to step 1.


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