Criminal Robbery Capitalism: salary gap btwn corporate executives and workers exploded in recent years, rising from a ratio of 263-to-1 in 2009 to 325-to-1 last year

25 CEOs Earned More than Companies Paid in Taxes; Wage Gap Increases

In the fifties, the ratio betwen top and lowest salary was about 42. Today, in a corrupted war cartel capitalism, it is incredible 325.

The findings come just weeks after Congress approved the bipartisan debt deal that excluded any tax hikes on the nation’s wealthiest individuals and corporations.

According to the Institute for Policy Studies, the 25 companies averaged overall profits of $1.9 billion. They include Verizon, Bank of New York Mellon, General Electric, Boeing and eBay.

Eighteen of the companies were found to be operating subsidiaries in countries identified as tax havens.


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