4 Ways Government Policy Favors Rich, Keeps the Rest Poor. 1% owns 83% of all stocks. Byzantine War Oligarchy.

While most Americans struggle in the face of the recession, the rich are enjoying the benefits of policies that redistribute wealth upward–and crying class war if we complain

The rich really are different from you and me – they are able to preserve their wealth from the forces that decimate the earning power of your average American.

While government programs for working or jobless Americans are under constant attack, the state frequently intervenes on behalf of the rich, or at least lets them keep their earnings, tax free (leaving the rest of us to pick up the tab).

>>its slavery capitalism for poor, and free ride socialism for the rich. they rule, and they like it that way. Its a fraud, not democracy.

1. Protectionism for high-income professionals, free trade for everyone else

US doctors are the highest paid in the world – They protected themselves from overseas competition.

If we let people from India or China practice medicine here, we would have more medical professionals, pay them less, and pay less for health care

2. Rich and own a big house? Here’s some money!

There’s a catch of course. Rich people have larger mortgages and higher income taxes. Therefore, they get the most out of their mortgage interest tax deductions. Households earning more than $250,000 annually enjoy 10 times the remuneration of households with income between $40,000 and $75,000.

3. A sales tax for bread but not for bonds (or stocks or futures)

The stock market is the playground of the rich.

83 percent of stocks are owned by one percent of the population.

Trillions of dollars are sloshing around in American stock markets, enriching the lucky few and periodically endangering the world economy.

But the government gets nothing from this constant trading blizzard.

4. Tired of payroll taxes? The wealthy aren’t because they don’t have to pay

byzantine loopholes

The biggest single way that the rich benefit from the tax system is that you pay your taxes before you get your money, they pay their taxes by and by,”

Many of America’s largest corporations haven’t paid a cent of income taxes in years.

There is little chance of these policies, most of which are tax-related, being changed to address the deficit. There is nothing harder to dislodge than entrenched privilege.


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