New America to the World: We Want Everything – If You Stand in the Way We’ll Kill You.

Once our seizure of Libyan oil becomes clear it will only ramp up the jihadist hatred for America that has spread like wildfire across the Middle East.

and, good for military complex oil cartels!, another enemy, another century of profitable wars are assured.

>> US Nato UK France war crimes. Bombarding Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Once the Libyans realize what the Iraqis and Afghans have bitterly discovered—that we have no interest in democracy, that our primary goal is appropriating their natural resources as cheaply as possible and that we will sacrifice large numbers of people to maintain our divine right to the world’s diminishing supply of fossil fuel—they will hate us the way we deserve to be hated.

Libya has the ninth largest oil reserves in the world, which is why we react with moral outrage and military resolve.

It is why the puppets in the National Transitional Council have promised to oust China and Brazil from the Libyan oil fields and turn them over to Western companies.

The unequivocal message West delivers daily through huge explosions and death across the occupied Middle East is:

We will have everything and if you try and take it away from us we will kill you.

> I guess new capitalist colonial fascism.

Libya formerly a Switzerland of Africa.


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