Wall Street firms have harmed Texas and all of America. Your State Can Sue Wall Street. 2010.

Sign our petition at SueWallStreet.com and let’s build a grassroots movement that your state Attorney General can’t ignore.


Do it now.

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Our people are unemployed. Our home values have plummeted. Our state governments are making savage cuts to our schools, our kids’ healthcare and more.

These facts give states, including Texas, the right to sue Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and other firms for wrongdoing.

I provided Texas Attorney General Abbott the $18 billion lawsuit which should be filed on an urgent basis, ahead of the approaching deadline. The right to sue for negligence will likely expire in September 2010

I’ve proposed a State Attorney General lawsuit and to work at no fee to help solve the problem.

Wall Street got the profits, the bonuses and the bailouts and the American people were left holding the bag.

We are the ones dealing with massive unemployment, loss of tax revenues, huge budget shortfalls which result in savage cuts to education and healthcare for kids, wealth loss, eviscerated home values and much, much more.

Too many state Attorneys General — including our tired incumbent here in Texas — act like wholly owned subsidiaries of Goldman Sachs. It’s time to step up the pressure.


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