Tremendous Importance, Impact, Far Reaching Inventions, Work, Secrets of Nikola Tesla.


From the work of this group so far, I can draw some conclusions: Tesla’s legacy, secrets, principles he touched upon, worked on and studied – apart from patents and devices he constructed – are INDEED VERY REVOLUTIONARY, VERY EXPLOSIVE and with PROFOUND world industry consequences.

In two ways, though: First, his projects regarding FREE ENERGY being harvested off the air, WIRELESS energy transfer, distribution, and HAARP, EMP electromagnetic fields power of weather changing, earthquake, volcano triggering, EM beams lethal, thermal and nonlethal effects on living organisms and on machines …

BUT also secondly: Tesla’s work leads us to an extra important PRINCIPLES, realizations he based his spectacular work on: his UNDERSTANDING that we exist on planet Earth, ENCLOSED within a system latently supercharged with tremendous amounts of energy, just ready to be tapped, picked up and used! … For free .. oh oh, a big no no for industry profits making ….

Of course, these Earth energy systems, mainly ionosphere, magnetic field, and also atmosphere, can be used both peacefully, productively, or used for war, for destruction …..

Well lets just say, the most LETHAL weapons ever made, WEAPONS of TOTAL DESTRUCTION, are based on Tesla’s work and inventions ……

WONDER that immediately after his death in 1943, CIA sequestered and locked up his files, his work ?? NO WONDER. …. or

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