911 Conspiracy in Official Propaganda: ‘Truthers’ Continue to Offer Alternate Claims About Sept. 11 Terror Attacks


Rather fair hit piece, with facts, on 911Truth Movement and scientific facts the Movement calls attention to – namely that 911 is controlled demolition therefore inside flase flag operation therefore NEW INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION is dearly needed NOW.

THE WORLD NOW DIVIDES on Truthfulls – I will want to call “Truthers” “Truthfulls”, and Ignorants, Abbetors of Crime, or Fascists per choice.

So per article, its now “activists” –
… “activists are staging events across the country to denounce as lies the official accounts of what happened that tragic day.” …
>well, yes.

Good, here is the whole your story here in official brainwashing machine called ABC News, Corporate Troubadours of Global Money :

.. “One group of so-called 9/11 “truthers” believes “controlled demolitions” brought down the two towers of the World Trade Center and an adjacent skyscraper.

There’s the conspiracy theory that a cruise missile – and not a Boeing 757 – struck the Pentagon and that Flight 93 actually was shot down over western Pennsylvania.

And there’s the claim that U.S. air defenses were ordered to “stand down” on 9/11, allowing the hijacked airliners to hit their targets. ”

>> precious, precious, precious … now, to make a cartoon about out of it. …

Since its all too true to be true in though a beautiful country of America! ….

…. country caught in a dastardly growing pains of attempting fascism police state takeover, of serial world war crimes, of mad concentration of wealth and trickle up concentration of homeless and poor citizens.

N.J. Gov. Tom Kean, the co-chairman of the 9/11 Commission:
“They are not bad people … they just have these views that I cannot understand at all.”

“Most truthers believe that elements inside the U.S. government planned the 9/11 attacks or allowed them to happen, to justify the invasion of Iraq.”

>… da da da … ya ya ya .. aha aha aha . a song by German band Trio, a one time hit group. Bad video, but a good song.

“The group We Are Change says it is sponsoring a 228-mile walk from the Pentagon to Ground Zero “to help bring attention to the ongoing coverup.”

>no way, …why dont they better worship ABC News?

Leading truthers from around the world have assembled in Toronto for a four-day 9/11 “inquest.” They will try to convince a panel that includes an Italian judge, an urban planner from the University of Tennessee and a Canadian professor of psychology that the Sept. 11 attacks really were the product of a conspiracy.

Organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is screening a new movie in the U.S. and Canada showcasing their claim that explosives brought down the Twin Towers and a 47-story building that collapsed later that day, 7 World Trade Center.

The movie, “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out,” is a 2-hour and 16 minute assault of ominous music and dozens of structural engineers and architects making allegations about a “travesty of justice” and “an orchestrated cover-up.”

They cite evidence that they insist proves the buildings collapsed because of controlled explosions and not by fires that raged unchecked and caused the buildings’ structural supports to weaken and fail.
>da da da

“There has to be a revolution in this country!” he said. “They are lying to enslave and manipulate us!”

“I think it is true what they are saying: The buildings were blown up,” she said. “Asked who might be behind such a conspiracy, she said, “Probably the government, I hate to say.”
> i think too Truthfulls are right. They are true.

article further:
Former New York City Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen, whose department lost 343 firefighters and paramedics when the 110-story Twin Towers collapsed, said he initially paid no attention to the conspiracy theories. His reactions now range from anger to disbelief.

“Our government … can be a very incompetent and inefficient government, but I don’t think it is dishonest,” he said, “and the way our media is in this country, I don’t think you could get away with it.”

The truthers are unbowed.

At the New York screening of “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out,” an organizer told the crowd that the facts were on their side.

“This is a very serious situation,” he said.
“This is not a problem of information. There is plenty of information. It’s a problem of organization.”

Let there be Truth!
This is America, after all!

We will recover!
We will be a moral guide and support to the whole world again!

Trough the industry, hard work, principles, just wealth distribution .. through the Truth.. not military genocide.

All the roads lead to 911.

All the roads, and the light, lead to The Truth.

It is our common duty.


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