DrJudyWood.com, Interview. Another Scientific 9/11 False Flag Theory. Buildings Dustified Before Reaching Ground. Fine Nano Particles Cold Dust. Directed Energy DEW EMP ElectroMagnetic Pulse Weapons.

Fine, interesting. Dr Judy: buildings dustified, not pulverized or vaporized, dustified midair, – before they’d free fall to the ground, – into fine nano particles pyroclastic cold cloud. ….Theory to consider: Directed Energy DEW EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons .. technically feasible.


There was a big hurricane off New York coast on 9/11/01, never reported in official tv weather reports.

The only thing idiotic is a government official version that office fires, planes impacts brought pancake collapse.

That is not reality based, for a multitude of facts and observations. Defies laws of nature, physics and common sense and reason.

Using DEW EMP directed energy electromagnetic weapons can also be called a controlled demolition, yet, the very new kind of.


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