9/11 Truth Mark Graham talks to http://TruthJihad.com Kevin Barrett. http://www.americanfreedomradio.com, http://noLiesRadio.org. http://TruthJihadRadio.blogspot.com


  1. Brian Good

    I hope Mark Graham knows that Barrett is a liar, a bigot, an advocate of violence, a lousy scholar, a Big Mouth, and greatly discredits the truth movement.

    Check out the video “Kevin Barrett Go to Your Room”

  2. Mark Graham


    I suggest that you delete that comment from Brian Good. It’s probably not his real name anyway.

    He is certainly not adding anything useful to this blog.

    Kevin did a fine job on the interview and I am very happy with it.


    • People need to know that Kevin Barrett lured Noam Chomsky into an email exchange by lying. Barrett claimed that he had lost a tenure-track job because of his beliefs about 9/11. This was not true. Barrett never had a tenure-track position. He was a part-time lecturer.

      Chomsky asked that the email exchange be kept confidential, and Barrett agreed. Then Barrett published the entire exchange on his blog (“Noam Chomsky Doesn’t Want You to Read This.”

      Barrett’s support for holocaust denial, his lousy Jews-run-the-world and Jews-did-9/11 scholarship on his blog truthjihad.blogspot, his holocaust trivializing as shown in the video linked above, and his disregard for truth as shown by his lazy support for every loony theory that comes along, and his inflammatory statements such as calling for the hanging of Amy Goodman Barrett makes the truth movement look like a pack of hick-town right-wing loonies.

      Because he’s written a couple of books and he’s been on TV before, the media tend to think he’s a truth movement leader. We need to tell them he’s not.

      Mark, if you think you can refute my points, please try. If you can’t, then silencing them is anti-democratic. Of course Barrett did a fine job in the interview. That’s how his Dr. Jekyl working within the truth movement covers up the mess that his Mr. Hyde makes in the mainstream. He can sound pretty reasonable when he wants to. But when he gets a mainstream mic he sounds like a nutjob.

    • let me go over it, Mark. i’d hesitate a lot to censor anything, as i myself do not like to be censored.

      Il see if comments have some wanton unsubstantiated personal attacks, devoid of any facts or arguments.

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